Through an unusual set of circumstances, in the summer of 1972, Mr. James Dunaway Moye of Atlanta, Ga purchased real estate in Madison County North Carolina. This property included a 160-acre mountain farm that was in the process of being broken up and divided into a new subdivision. However, before the subdivision development was completed, the developers ran out of money and were forced to sell the land. At this time, Mr. Moye acquired the land as an investment as he hoped to finish the development.

However, in late 1973 the Arab Oil embargo drastically shrunk the market for individuals seeking a second home in the mountains. Therefore, the continued development of the land was put on hold. For several years, the land lay idle.

Then, everything changed in 1976. At age 42, Mr. Moye gave his life to Jesus. The welcoming kindness of Appalachian Christians astounded Mr. Moye and was greatly influential in his coming to know Jesus. As a result, he determined to use a portion of the land to acknowledge the rich Christian culture of those in Appalachia. He also hoped that many would come to find the same inner peace and gentle rest that he and his family had experienced on the land.

This hope was realized on April 16, 1998, when the Moye family transferred the land to the US Forest Service in order that this beautiful bowl of natural springs, creeks, and meadows might be enjoyed by any and all who choose to pass through it.