Matthew 11:28-30

Moye Rest
Matthew 11:28-30
The Appalachian Trail – Sams Gap, NC

“As this natural bowl of springs, creeks, meadow, and forest passes from our family to the U.S. Forest Service, Jim, Sarah, Mike, and Jim Moye, Jr., of Atlanta, Georgia, recognize this part of the Appalachian Trail as a manifestation of the glory of Christ Jesus, our Lord (Romans 11:36). As God nurtured our “strong love for Jesus,” we had personal encounters with Him regarding this unique property. It is our prayer that the Moye tract on the trail will be a place of inner peace and gentle rest.”

James Dunaway Moye (John 15:11; Revelation 12:11)
Sarah Sheppard Moye (Isaiah 26:3; John 5:24)
Michael Raley Moye (John 14:6; Romans 8:1)
James Dunaway Moye Jr. (Joshua 24:14-15; 2 Timothy 2:2)


Read about the unique history of Moye Rest and how the monument came to be.